Standard services

Sole trader or Ltd company?

What business model is best suited for you?

We can analyse and explain the pros and cons of each option and recommend what is best for your particular set of circumstances.

Such decisions ought not to be made solely from a tax perspective and we can detail the various factors to be taken into consideration.


Whether you are an accountancy practice who are understaffed / particularly busy during a certain period, or a business with an in-house finance team who require some short term additional assistance, we are able to assist you on short or medium term contracts on an hourly rate.

Book keeping & VAT

We can undertake your book keeping and VAT returns for you or provide support for you to do it yourself.

As a xero partner, we can recommend xero as an excellent solution for both start up and established businesses to assist in these matters.


Whether it is trading results to help you prepare your personal tax return or the necessary compliance with the required administrative burden of a Limited company we are able to prepare the necessary paperwork as and when you require.

We can also provide regular management accounts to equip you with the relevant information you need so you can see how your business is going throughout the year rather than waiting until the year end.

Self assessment

We provide a full compliance and advisory service.  Ensuring that your tax return is filed in good time and that all potential tax reliefs and deductions are claimed in order to reduce your tax liability to a minimum. 

With a proactive rather than a reactive approach we can advise on various planning matters.


As well as support, we are able to provide training for your record keeping and/or your in-house finance team.

Often accountancy fees can be higher than expected due to the information that is provided being messy or in an unsuitable format.

We can review your current system and provide advice on how to tailor and/or improve it for your ultimate benefit.